Weekend events update – July 15th 2018

The results are in from an epic weekend of events.

First up is Ironman UK, with conditions been rather warm, which made for an interesting race, but good to see all 9 people, become “ironman”.

John Beveridge 10hrs27mins01 secs
Kevin Davie 10hrs 39mins 38secs
Derek mcdonald 12hrs 35mins 05secs
Dougles stewart 12hrs 47mins 15secs
Gareth piggot 13hrs 01mins 30secs
Ian goldie 13hrs59mins.01secs
Austen pedder14hrs 35mins 05 secs
Aaron k 14hrs 55mins 31secs
Neil Anderson 15hrs 00mins 01secs

Dundee half marathon
Rebecca reader
Alexandra kotowicz 2hr 08mins
Nicola philip 1hr 42mins p.b
Elaine duncan 2hr 43mins
Wendi duncan 2hrs 14mins

june 18 events

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