Weekend events update – June 18th 2018

Wow its been another busy weekend, with some epic events taken place.

Celtman triathlon
Jean bowman 16hrs 35mins 46sec

The lakesman triathlon lronman distance
Lee rough 13hrs 11mins 49secs

Glenrothes 10k
Willie scott 49mins13secs
Rebecca reader 50min 13sec p.b
Mairi McRobbie 55mins40sec
Andy milne
Sue clark 64mins47secs
Bernard lawless 46min42 pb
Tina 58mins17secs pb
Christina mackenzie 58mins 42secs
Ian poolman 42mins 55sec

Tough mudder in edinburgh
4hrs 35mins great team effort
Andy milne
Derek mcdonald
Kerry spence
Linda barton

Glenrothes 4k run
Jamie r hutchison and finlay

More results to come when available 👊

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