Ironman UK

ironman uk

With just under a week to go, till Ironman UK, which is probably the biggest event of the year, so far.
These magnificent 9 from Glenrothes triathlon club will be heading down to Bolton to take on this event. For some, this is their first Ironman, and for others they are returning to do it all over again.
All the training and hard work, over the past few months have now been done. They have been listening to all the coaches over all 3 disciplines, which includes 2.4mile swim, 112mile cycle and 26.2 mile run. So all that hard practice, is now, where it all comes together, to be 1 big adventure on sunday.
So here is wishing Neil, Aaron, John, Doug, Ian, Derek, Gareth, Austin and Kevin, very well and good luck on the big day.
Soon to be ironman

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